73 Percent of Marketers Don’t Know What Native Advertising Is

native advertising explained

According to a new study 73% of marketers don’t know what native advertising is. The reason that’s such an incredible statistic is because native advertising has been talked about ad nauseam on most major marketing blogs and forums for the last year.


If you think you don’t know what native advertising is think about BuzzFeed. Know it now? BuzzFeed’s entire business model is built around native ads. All those sponsored lists from major brands like Ford and Pepsi. Today they have a sponsored list from Skittles called 10 Unconventional Pets You Can Actually Own.

Did you know what native advertising was? Do you think it’s effective? Do you use it? Tell us in the comments section.

Click over to Marketing Land to read the full article and see the nifty infographic they have.

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