All About the Amazon Dash Button

amazon-dash-button is home to the biggest e-commerce platform in all of cyberspace – Amazon. As the first site that many people go to for online shopping, over the years, Amazon has completely revolutionized the way people bring technology into their shopping experience. Add to this, the new Dash Button, and what you have is nothing short of extraordinary.

What is Amazon Dash Button?

This is an innovative new piece of technology (a button), designed by the creative folks at, that helps customers order the products that they need on a regular basis, right when they need them. To start, the device is programmable, and is kept inside your home. Once pushed, the button will order from Amazon (through your Amazon Prime Account) the specific product that is marked in its programming. So let’s say you keep the Button inside your utility room closet, and it is programmed with a particular brand of fluorescent or halogen light bulbs. Whenever you need more lights, hopefully before you completely run out, you simply push the Button and your order is made.

A Fantastic Idea

Although the Amazon Dash Button was highly criticized, and in large part mocked, in some circles since its announcement and release; for us, the technology represents not just a great product for Amazon, but also the future of e-commerce and consumer demand technology. Amazon’s latest product represents product design that is meeting the consumer at the point of his or her need. As such, thinking beyond Amazon for a moment, it is interesting to think of the amazing possibilities should this new way of convenience shopping become the new norm in e-commerce. This kind of button service technology would be ideal for prescription refills, for example.

Even beyond e-commerce, this technology obviously is great for keeping track of things. The technology can further be adapted to track other needs, behaviors, products, or whatever the needs may be as companies and brands outside of Amazon adapt and develop this technology, and integrate into their operations and consumer products. Therefore, the Amazon Dash Button represents a futuristic push in the right direction.

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