Bringing Clarity to Your Online Brand Message


A solid marketing plan starts with a clear and concise brand message. For instance, there’s the popular insurance company that regularly reminds you that they are ‘there for you…’. This particular company has become synonymous with dependability, reliability, and a capacity to help you in times of crisis. The message is very focused, clear, simple, and unmistakable.

Most large companies do well with their brand message. But what of a small to mid-sized company? Does clear messaging also matter for you? The answer is an emphatical Yes! You also want your company brand message to have the same features. And in the end, you want your audience to identify you and what makes you stand out, based on their experience with your brand. Read on to learn more.

Let’s Talk Statistics First

With an ever-changing canvas for digital marketing, it can be especially difficult for companies who don’t have a clear brand message. Below, we’ve picked five of the most interesting of 39 branding stats from G2 Learning Hub that may help you take the proper steps towards developing a clear brand.

  • Brand color choice and how you use that color can help increase recognition by 80%.
  • 38% of users won’t return to a site that isn’t appealing, too confusing, and/or too difficult to use!
  • 51% of consumers will unfollow a company brand on social media if the company does something the user doesn’t like.
  • If you consistently present your brand to customers, they’re 4x more likely to experience brand visibility.
  • Digital messaging is far better than direct mail. In fact, 69% of marketers prefer online branded content over mailing information.

What Today’s Brand Message Should Look Like

brand-message-product-consumerWith the digital age, online marketing is a huge part of quickly reaching consumers and building a solid base. An early step in the foundation of any successful business should involve developing one simple clear message for your potential clients. Be able to represent one specific thing, whether it be a unique product or service that elevates you above the competition.

Brand messaging helps you stand out to the public but it also should highlight and clearly communicate how you can help make them better. Ensure that your brand message explains how your product or service can be of service to your target audience.

Marketing companies like Convergent1, are indispensable when it comes to ensuring your company has consistent, creative and effective brand clarity. Understanding brand messaging means understanding why concise branding is crucial to online marketing, business success, and profitability. When your customer’s experience is truly what you say it should be, then you’ve officially created your “brand”. The goal of any business is to ensure that customers can confirm and validate the messaging through their experience.

Clear Messaging from the Word “Go”

Starting a successful business is all about making the right connections with your audience. If the initial messaging isn’t strong or clear, the public’s interest will dwindle in today’s fast-paced, online world. Having clear brand messaging helps form an identity in the minds of customers. A clear brand creates the image that you wish to convey and hopefully the experience you want them to have with your product or service.

Messages Entail

Brand messaging can include slogans, logos, specific colors, mission statements or advertisements. It’s also important to ensure that these messages are clear and line up with the values of your company. Your brand identity should explain concisely what problems your product or service can solve for the consumer. Therefore, companies should be prudent and avoid wasting time and resources on confusing messages that aren’t effective.

A Note on Brand Clarity & Touchpoints

If you’ve already been in business for years and haven’t seen remarkable success, it’s not too late to update and clarify your brand. Ensuring a clear brand message can attract quality customer leads and connect you to the right business partners.

For example, one strategy in helping clarify a brand is to utilize touchpoints. They are different types of interactions between businesses and customers. Experienced marketing firms, like Convergent1, can help you strategies on how to use touchpoints to help clarify your brand message. In essence, each time your business interacts with a customer, your brand should be conveyed through that interaction. Whether the interaction is through an online view or click-through, a purchase, or via print media, remind them of your message and keep it consistent.

You’ll accomplish clarity in your message when you see consistent communication of the same story, message, and emotion. This is what connects the customer to your product or service, and with any luck, will keep them loyal to you.

Consult with Convergent1

Although creating a strong brand message may seem simple, there are many details to consider and execute. When you consult with Convergent1 you can rest assured that you’re off to the best possible start. Structuring a marketing strategy that is focused on what you want your reputation and image to be is paramount. And at Convergent1, we help our clients create a strong online marketing presence, using advertising on all media platforms: digital, and print media. Call us for more information at 713-690-0707.

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