Case Study: Dana Caledonia, DDS


With technology revolutionizing the way that consumers shop and search for products, services and goods, it is becoming increasingly imperative that a business or organization’s online presence is robust and that process begins with a website. Our latest client, Dr. Dana Caladonia, DDS is proud to unveil their brand new, innovative website for 2015! In addition to being a premier online hub for information, user-friendly features and patient outreach, the website is also supported with a solid SEO framework and a mobile-responsive layout for smartphone and tablet users, acting as an powerful hub for info and content.


With every website design, it is important to understand that every site will be unique based on each particular client’s needs, yet it is always our standard practice to make every single website both responsive and user-friendly (in both desktop and mobile views). In this specific case, we wanted the site to be chalk-full of quality content and information for the prospective consumer, in addition to being simple to navigate through each feature. Both the mobile and desktop versions both feature a digital contact/appointment form to make it easy as possible to schedule with Dr. Caladonia’s office online.

In addition to the user-friendly functionality, the website’s layout and design has both a plan and purpose: Located in trendy inner loop of Houston, it’s only fitting that Dr. Caladonia’s office’s site shares the hip, sleek and modern themes and colors we selected for the design. Both the desktop and mobile versions accentuate the sharp, yet still easy to navigate, theme and layout.

While content is king, we strive to make sure every web design is optimized to its full capability for Internet search engines. In addition to the detailed, strategic placements of both keywords and meta-descriptions, we fully integrate the site with social media presence along with a structured data markup on selected pages and forms to increase the page’s visibility making it easier for the search engine crawlers to interpret the content easier, especially for local searches.

We are proud and excited to launch Dr. Dana Caledonia, DDS’s new website and will continue to utilize more digital strategies to increase their online marketing presence. A crucial component of our MAP process, having a robust, interactive website will lead to higher levels of web engagement and will increase online traffic which leads to increased sales and profits.

If your organization would also like to take advantage of our web design services and SEO, check out our entire portfolio of websites, and contact Convergent1 today to make your online presence not just a sleek, trendy layout but a powerful hub for increased leads and sales!

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