Case Study: Parish Drum Designs

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Fresh off the line and super sleek, the Parish Drum Designs website is online and looking great. We couldn’t wait for this debut, and we’re happy to finally show it off to the world.

Parish Drum Designs is a professional drum designing and manufacturing business in Dallas, Texas. Convergent1 created their site, complete with a shopping cart, responsive layout, and rotating images of the drum sets.

Those rotating images are really unique. It’s like getting to see the drums in person. The pictures are just like a really detailed preview. Not only can you zoom in on every image, but at the bottom of every product page is a 360 degree viewer, so all you do is click and spin the image to see Parish’s products from any angle, full screen.

You can also find videos under the Media page that give a sample of all of their products. And once a customer has selected a product, it can be added to a shopping cart right on the site. No extra step or hassle, they can go straight from selecting a drum to buying it on the spot. Talk about excellent customer service and convenience.

The fresh look and all these great features have been a favorite project for the team at Convergent1. Our goal was to make a website that is easy to navigate, fully responsive for any size screen and, most importantly, gives Parish Drum Designs a product-viewing platform that really showcases their fantastic work.

In addition to a search engine optimized website, we also established Parish Drum Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram, covering all the bases for successful social media marketing and internet presence management.

As a top online marketing firm in Houston, Texas, Convergent1 has put many businesses on the map. In addition to IPM, we also provide traditional advertising services including print, video, logo design, rebranding, PR and much more. Take a look at our Services page to learn about our online and offline marketing options, and you can see a portfolio of our work right here.

This is only the beginning for Parish Drum Designs, and we look forward to watching them grow. Their products have unmatched quality and are made by professionals who will create the perfect look and sound every time.

Take a look at their website and contact Convergent1 with any questions about web design, internet presence management, web hosting and the like. We’ll show you the difference that superior marketing management and remarkable customer service can make.

You’ve already found our blog, but you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram for more updates on the latest projects at Convergent1. You can even fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 713-690-0707 to learn more.

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