Convergent1 Wins Two BMA Lantern Awards!

2 BMA Lantern Awards won by Convergent1

Convergent1 received awards for two campaigns and a lifetime achievement at the Lantern Awards hosted by BMA this Wednesday. The ceremony took place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and showcased work by many advertising agencies throughout the city who participated in the annual business-to-business marketing competition.

Receiving the Lantern Award of Excellence for best website with a budget of $25K or less, Convergent1 developed a tool which allows site users to answer two questions and then have relevant content delivered to them in a custom library. This innovation allowed the client, GlobaLogix, to effectively market content to current and potential customers who made specific inquiries on their website.

The tool used in this campaign is a part of the marketing firm’s star project called CoreCopia. The company also develops web-based applications designed to improve the effectiveness of the internet.

“The latest new app is our program.  CoreCopia will transform the way websites convert web visitor traffic to business results,” says Ben Scardello, President and CEO of Convergent1. The team has been working tirelessly to develop this innovative marketing tool and expects to use it in all clients’ websites, starting with the GlobaLogix website.

The marketing agency also received the Lantern Award of Excellence in Dimensional Direct Mailers for 3-D direct marketing, presenting an innovative three-part campaign for real-estate client Caldwell Companies. Including a coffee mug, a branding iron and a wallet, the mailers successfully attracted building owners and brought more business to the client’s company.

The campaign was such a success that Convergent1 has another set of 3-D mailers currently in production for Caldwell Companies. Convergent1 handles direct marketing for Caldwell’s brokerage and leasing businesses.

“NextGen Marketing means incorporating all aspects of relating to customers including some personal touches.  For high-value target groups that can mean high-touch tactics like 3-D direct that really stand out in the B2B marketplace,” says Jim Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer at Convergent1.  “The Convergent1 team is honored to receive the award among so many worthy entrants, but we are most proud of the great results our client, Caldwell Companies, received in new business opportunities.”

Jim Proctor was also the recipient of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement award. As a former president of BMA and a member of the board for seven years, Houston’s B2B marketing community has recognized Jim for his talent and his inspiring leadership. After spending half his career corporate side, he’s found his niche working among others in the advertising business.

“The best friends you make are always on the agency side,” Jim said. His company officially merged with SA4I in January of 2014 to form Convergent1, and Jim currently spends his free time on the board at Habitat for Humanity.

With its successful marketing strategies, pioneering applications and accomplished team members, many great things lay ahead for this little company. C1 is proud to be part of the Houston business marketing community and looks forward to entering again in next year’s BMA Lantern Awards.

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