Delivering Exceptional Web Design Experiences (UX)

UX web design experience

In today’s technologically-oriented world, online user experience is everything.  Even brick and mortar stores find themselves unable to compete unless they understand ‘How to deliver exceptional web design experiences (UX)’.  This article is intended to help those business owners who are finding themselves behind the times to gain a better understanding of user experience design (UX) and web presence.

What is UX?

User experience design, also known as UX, UXD, UED, and XD, refers to the process of enhancing online user satisfaction through improved usability and accessibility.  This field encompasses both traditional human-computer interaction design and all aspects of services and products as they are portrayed to consumers via a website.

How is This Accomplished?

User experience design combines the fields of graphic design, user interface and visual communications, information architecture and navigation, and organizational structure to provide browsers with an all-inclusive online experience.  Marketing companies that employ this comprehensive strategy are uniquely able to help businesses reach their target audiences and meet their unique goals.  They employ specialists in social media marketing, video communication, and web design to improve their client companies’ productivity and conversion rates.

General Web Design Process

Companies that specialize in user experience design typically follow a prescribed design process.  This process begins with researching their clients’ target audiences and business goals, then brainstorming extensively to come up with innovative solutions.

Once sufficient data about a company’s products and its target audience has been accumulated, the design process can truly begin.  Often the first step is to use computer modeling of the information collected about users and their behavior patterns and environments to better understand how customers think and why.  Workflow models, physical models, and artifact models may also be required in certain circumstances.

Designers then use these models to develop an interaction framework.  This interaction framework is used to establish the overall structure of the site, and typically requires extensive collaboration between programmers and designers.

Usability Testing

Once a prototype has been developed, the site must be tested for usability.  This often involves beta testing performed by the consumers themselves, who are given various tasks to perform with the intention of eliciting feedback on any potential problems or desired changes.  Usability testing offers client companies the ability to get feedback directly from their target audiences and is often used extensively throughout each stage of the design process.

Benefits of User Experience Design

The primary benefit of user experience design is that it allows client companies to avoid unnecessary features and simplify their web designs, making them more appealing to a wider customer base.  The amount of detail that goes into each stage of development means that no detail will go overlooked and every component of the website will be specifically tailored to meet the client company’s unique needs.

Getting Started

The only way for businesses to take advantage of these remarkable benefits is by finding a marketing company that knows how to create an exceptional and personally-tailored user experience and improve their client companies’ online presence via multiple channels. Contact Convergent1 Smart Marketing in Houston, for more information at 713-690-0707, or browse our services online at your convenience.

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