Differences Between Graph and Chart in AdWords using Houston Marketing Firm

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Anyone who has used the new version of Google AdWords may have been confused by what the numbers mean when you search for information on a single term. Hitting return on a particular term or terms brings up a graph with blue columns and chart with numbers, but these numbers are never the same. So what do they mean? At Convergent1, we specialize in Next Gen Marketing and will explain why. We’ll use “Houston Marketing Firm” as an example.

This is the graph displayed for “Houston marketing firm:”


Note that the average monthly searches hover between the 311k and 415k areas.

This is the chart displayed for “Houston marketing firm:”

Houston marketing firm 2

Note that the average monthly searches are now down to 480.

So why the discrepancy for just the one term? It has everything to do with Google’s concept for “broad matches” and “exact matches.” The blue columns represent the broad match area and can include terms like:

• Marketing
• Marketing firms
• Houston marketing
• marketing firms in Houston
• Houston marketing companies
• Houston marketing agency
• And many others

The table showing 480 average monthly searches is reporting on the exact term “Houston marketing firm” only.

When it all comes down to the bottom line, having the best information is what will truly matter when developing a keyword strategy. And if you live in the area, or even in the United States, and are in need of a Houston marketing firm’s services, feel free to contact us.

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