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Mobile applications for navigation are necessary because let’s face it- consumers need direction. A myriad of applications are available for iPhone, Windows, and Android devices. But which one is the consumer’s overall favorite application? Which navigation program is the smoothest and the sweetest? Which program gets a driver to the destination on time every time? Ultimately, when it comes to favorites, beauty is in how the directions get you to your destination. Many driving applications are available, but only a few of them rise above the rest in terms of quality. The following are some of the top mobile apps for navigation for each mobile phone operating system.

Google Navigator and Google Maps Navigation are hands-down the best navigational applications of them all. These apps have been in existence since Android version 1.6 was available, and they have been improving ever since. Google Navigator doesn’t have glitches like many of the new unrefined products do. The application has features such as, turn-by-turn navigation, street view, satellite view, and more.

For Windows users, the HERE Drive + Navigation application is supreme. Features include a favorites tab, set destination ability, commute planner, car finder, route changer, and speed limit warning. The speed limit warning lets out quite an alarming sound the moment the driver goes one mile past the speed limit. This can be a great safety tool for consumers who may not be conscious of speed zones.

The navigation voice option is also lovely because it provides drivers with an interesting selection of voices from which they can choose. Drivers are no longer limited to using a female British voice. They can now choose from a list of male voices with different accents as well.

The iPhone crowd will most likely appreciate the Garmin Viago application. The Garmin Viago application has features such as- lane assist, customizable upgrades, current street display, turn-by-turn spoken street names, and speed limit. The application costs less than one dollar, and it can literally act as a driver’s best friend in the midst of a driving emergency.

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