Google Analytics And SEO

using Google Analytics for seo

Search engine optimization is the process used by online entrepreneurs to maximize rankings for specific keywords in which the public would use to obtain certain information. To achieve this success, it is imperative to use a superior tool, such as Google Analytics, which is ideal for small to medium-based websites. This particular tool is free for anyone with a Google account. It provides the individual crucial website statistics that are used to analyze the various milestones of each. It’s a powerful tool, often even more superior than the average webmaster or business owner may believe.

Google Analytics incorporates numerous attractive features that, if thoroughly understood, could improve search engine marketing efforts, such as through the ability to generate custom reports. This service also provides the useful integration with other Google products, particularly AdWords. Its ease of use is another benefit that makes it more appealing than other similar services provided by competitors. With only a few clicks to define date ranges, you can navigate between specific or general data instantaneously, like conversion or bounces rates, for example. The service is structured to enable all users to fully comprehend the various reports generated, with descriptions within reach so that users of all levels can utilize the statistics to their benefit.

Users can track their productivity without having to pay the service, unless traffic grows so immensely that Google will charge a fee, although that’s a problem many would welcome! This tool is continuously improved, seamlessly following the changes that occur in the online world, such as with social media. The popularity of social media, along with its relevance to generating income and traffic to a site, led Google to introduce Social Analytics to help track how the different “campaigns” fare.

The increasing sales of SmartPhones and mobile data plans have spawned a whole new market, enabling Internet users to conduct online searches from virtually anywhere and at any time. SmartPhone growth rate is so high that it could surpass desktop web surfing in the coming year, so to improve search engine optimization, it’s vital to incorporate mobile browsing data on all sites. As such, Google Analytics has specific reporting on such traffic.

This must-have tool will make search engine marketing clearer, to help the business owner or webmaster improve rankings, traffic, and sales. The bottom line of any business is the income generating potential, and that requires a keen eye that determines the conversion rate of visitors to buyers-all possible through the information acquired through Google Analytics. The performance of online ads can also be monitored to ensure they are effective, through helping track the various ad channels, like banner ads, affiliates, and so on.

Setting up the service requires an installation of a tracking code. Within approximately 24 hours, you’ll be able to view reports, set goals and identify actions necessary to your success. Imagine having the power to identify the geographical location of your visitors, how many opt-in to your email list, the exact keywords that brought them to your site, the duration of each visit and the number of pages viewed, and so much more.

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