Google Cardboard Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing


Smartphones have been growing in popularity and for good reason; they provide entertainment, information, and a lot of useful administrative functions. The fact that the American people spend about 4.7 hours (on average) on their phone per day should not be surprising. Moreover, the use of mobile apps has certainly contributed to higher smartphone use.

Due to the constant upgrades and increased capacities of cell phones, some smartphone users consistently hunger for the next big thing. And the next big thing now, is virtual reality (or VR), which is in the palm of your hand. Thankfully, smartphones–with the help of Google–were able to satisfy the people’s appetite.

Understanding VR & Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard 3D viewer was released to the public on June 25th, 2014, making a strong splash amongst smartphone users. The 3D viewer was created to be low-cost and effective. The goal was to give users the opportunity to experience 3D without making them spend a lot of money. In fact, Google unveiled detailed instructions on how to build your own cardboard 3D viewer.

This was probably related to Apple’s unveil of 3D viewers, though Apple 3D viewers are much more expensive. Both 3D viewers use 45mm focal length lenses and magnets to ensure that you are ready for virtual reality. Google Cardboard viewers are cheaper, but you will need the correct set of mobile apps to ensure that you get the 3D experience you have been longing for.

Why You Need Google Cardboard VR Apps

You need Google Cardboard apps to enjoy the 3D experience. The app will first cut the image that you are seeing on the phone–right down the middle.

Each image goes through a filter that applies a barrel distortion. The distortion is there to help counteract the image that forms due to your Google Cardboard lenses. It is this exchange of distortions that finally forms stereoscopic images.

Another study showed that, since its introduction, more than 350,000 YouTubers have looked at a video using VR technology. Remember that this number is on the rise with more games and movies pushing for 3D content.

Why Is VR Making Such A Big Splash Amongst People?

The sheer excitement that you are participating in a film or game is what makes VR technology exciting and why mobile apps are aiming to make Google’s budget-friendly viewer work seamlessly.

The brain itself cannot tell the difference between real images and those you are experiencing through the virtual world with the help of your mobile apps. But the brain’s inability to tell the difference between reality and the virtual world is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, VR is also beginning to show some health benefits. Some scientists found that virtual reality helps the brain exercise other cognitive functions, like memory.

The brain might also begin to connect other senses to memory, like the sense of smell. Some experts believe that virtual reality might improve cognitive functions so much that it might help those with ailments like Alzheimer’s.

It is hoped that this type of advancement will continue to spark the development of many more mobile apps that can help improve our overall quality of life. Ultimately, there is a lot more to learn about Google Cardboard, mostly because it is relatively new. However, that is usually expected from Google, as they are always 10 steps ahead while everyone else tries to catch up.

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