Google Panda’s 24th Update of 01.23.13 (The Angry Panda!)

The Angry Panda is not upset with SA4i!

SA4i is STRONG in our commitment to our clients, details, excellence and strategy.

We must, however, admit an area in which we lack.

One of the things that every us client knows about SA4i is that we are always lacking in low quality and duplicate content. We don’t serve any of that to our clients, regardless of the service we are hired for or the price we are paid. Right now, our clients are very glad about this fact. We don’t provide any duplicate content for websites, press releases or blog articles. There is a very important reason for this, aside from the fact that we strive to “do the right thing” in general at SA4i.

We have been telling our clients for a long time about the importance of not publishing duplicate content as well as eliminating any duplicate content hanging around from past consultants or employees. We have emphasized repetitively that “Google doesn’t like that!”

Google updates its algorithms several times per week…all year long. Well, last week Google suddenly released an update on 01.23 (01.22 in Australia) that they avoided admitting to on 01.17.13. Google has said that this particular update has affected only 1.2% of English queries. The buzz about it has been pretty quiet. Mostly, webmasters have been reporting to not have even noticed any change in their website’s ranking. Yeah, the buzz about it has been pretty quiet until now.

Some are now calling Google’s Panda, “The Angry Panda”, because the Panda is super-focused on content and the quality of it.

Original content is part of our Internet Presence Management standard, so this makes SA4i smile because the Panda is not angry at us! SA4i has been all along treating our clients to exactly what the Panda is now demanding from everyone. The demand of the Panda is:

No more low quality web pages!

Low quality content on websites will now play more of a role in bringing down your overall site quality, thereby affecting the rankings of even your properly optimized pages. SEO often paid attention to only the HOME page and let the other pages lack. SA4i’s Internet Presence Management has always paid attention to websites in their entirety. More specific “instructions” from Panda (would you really want to argue with a Panda?) regarding quality web pages include:

  • No more ranking well for niche terms only: each entire page must have value for visitors
  • No more lack of images
  • No more minimal content (for example, a page with only 25 words on it)
  • No more duplicate content (more severely than before)
  • No more atrocious content – grammar, punctuation and spelling must be professional

There is more to the Panda update 24 if it is to be explained in its entirety, but this specific point about quality of content is the major area of impact that SA4i has been advising our clients on for a very long time.

Google is not done making attitude adjustments as it zeros in on ensuring that quality ranks first.

If you have duplicate content, any type of low quality content, or don’t know if you do, you need to take action. Your first strategy should be SA4i early in 2013.

Who would you rather take your content-related attitude adjustment from, Google Panda or SA4i?

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