Importance Of Creating A New Corporate Identity

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One of the ongoing duties of a business owner is to develop a company’s brand image so it resonates with customers and gives the business a solid sense of identity. Eventually, many business owners decide to give their businesses a new corporate identity. This decision may be caused by various factors including mergers and acquisitions. There are many benefits of giving your company a new corporate identity.

 A Fresh Start

Part of the appeal of giving a company a new brand identity lies in the need to make a new beginning. Simple things such as a new website design can create a new corporate identity following an event that harms a company’s brand image, for example, a major lawsuit or accident. The new identity helps to draw attention away from events of the past and focus it instead on the new message. Even if your firm is not affected by brand damage, a new beginning can energize your workers and expand your client base.


Creating a new identity is also a step in the evolution that businesses usually undergo. Regardless of how much brand equity you have, if your company is unable to change and evolve with the times, customers and investors will be less inclined to take you seriously. A new identity calls attention to new products and targets a new client base. If your business is expanding overseas, you may need to hire an advertising agency to create a new identity to appeal to customers from diverse cultural backgrounds.


One of the advantages of creating a new identity is the way it facilitates communication between a company and its customers. Creating a new identity helps to convey its changing values and goals. Corporate branding generally uses trademarked images and slogans, each of which is carefully selected to highlight the company’s image of itself and how it wants to be perceived by its customers. The words a company uses to brand itself get to the core of the company’s values and goals. The words may also indicate what sort of customers the company wants to attract. Customers process this information and form opinions even before they encounter the company and its products.

Strategic Advantage

Corporate branding allows a company to utilize a single marketing strategy across all of its divisions or products. Companies often create individual branding strategies for particular products. With this established through a new identity, each item that the company offers gains the same strategic image just by featuring the new logo or brand name of the company.

Expense Control

A new corporate identity offers price adaptability. A company can create a new corporate identity to spread out the expense of developing a new brand image over a prolonged period. This helps the company to save money by having one new brand image instead of many brand images for each new item. It also allows companies to roll out new products without a new brand strategy; instead, they can rely on the existing corporate brand when the time comes.


Companies often create new corporate identities to use as leverage in negotiating mergers and acquisitions. A company may also create a new corporate identity after a merger or acquisition.

Developing a new corporate identity is something Convergent 1 is there to help you with.  Contact us today and we’ll get started on helping your company with a strategy.

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