What Instagram’s New Logo Did For Their SEO

What Instagram's New Logo Did For Their SEO

Instagram recently changed its amazing logo. It moved from the brown camera to a more vibrant, multicolored one. So, how does that affect their SEO (search engine optimization)? Though changing an actual logo doesn’t directly improve a company’s SEO rating, what can help improve SEO is how companies highlight and launch their new logos online. Read more about how Instagram’s SEO has been improved from this one simple change.

How Did Instagram’s Logo Change?

Just days ago, Instagram’s new logo moved from a typical two-toned brown logo to a multicolored and more diverse one, providing a definite upgrade. Instagram’s brown, vintage camera gave them a great start, as it fit perfectly with the hipster type who contributed to its popularity. When the site was first created, it was mostly for professionals and those who love taking photos. The clean basic logo made it clear on how the app was to be used. And when users saw it, they knew the company it represented.

Today, the app now has an even wider user base. And since current design trends have drifted toward cleaner, simpler looks, their logo’s colorful design represents its diverse audience in a characteristically bold way. Ultimately, this positive change has certainly helped boost Instagram’s SEO, as current and wider audiences have been searching online to see the new logo.

Ironically, people now use Instagram for SEO purposes, or for marketing their businesses. They want to be artistic, without the need for flashy, expensive cameras.

Improving SEO Means…

Getting People Talking Online

Since the launch of the new logo, more and more people are talking about Instagram. The media picked up on the news and started sharing it. Then a chain reaction happened; people took to social media to talk about it. With Instagram constantly getting social media love, and from being in the news, SEO picked up on it even more. Therefore, part of improving SEO means that more people are talking about your company online.

Getting People Searching Online

When something significant changes in a company, and news gets out, more people are going to search for it. This also means that SEO rankings boost, as keywords and important news content gets bombarded onto search engines. This especially works when people start using exact search terms from articles that talk about the recent change to look you up online.

Getting People Sharing Online

Once people find things that interest or help them, they will always share it with their friends. This gives the companies another boost in SEO; especially when you offer the products and services that people need and love. Social media sharing on any platform works well, so be strategic about sharing news and special offers with customers.

Staying Before People Online

It’s easy for people to forget about certain companies and social media sites, because there are just so many out there. Unfortunately, this can also make it easy to get left to one side, and bring SEO ratings way down. If your company is ‘out of sight’, it’s also ‘out of mind’ for SEO. But Instagram’s logo change brought them back into the public eye. Instantly, this got people looking at the company and remembering how they loved to use the app. Staying before the public certainly helps SEO, and it is crucial to be strategic about how to maintain visibility.

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