Social Media Marketing With Facebook Dark Posts

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Posting relevant and highly ranked article sites and blogs form a part of your online marketing strategy. However, none of them can provide the boost like Facebook does. More than 864 million users from all parts of the globe visit this social network behemoth on a daily basis. Can you perceive the boost in your online business if you could address just a small percentage of them? Both established companies and those who have just made their presence felt online, depend on tactics known as dark posts, a method of using newsfeed type ads that do not appear on your Facebook page. You might be wondering the benefits of using such a marketing strategy. Let us get to the core of traditional advertising on the social network giant.

Traditional Facebook advertising methods

Typically, individuals used to advertise their products and services through newsfeed type ads, which appeared on their pages. However, there exists a flaw in this method, since it does not allow you to target clients properly. You might be selling several products but want to target each one of them to individual groups. There is no use promoting deodorants to people who are interested in electronic products. In such a situation, you can make use of Facebook dark posts to fine tune your social media marketing. This method gives page owners an opportunity to share their messages with audiences by creating unpublished posts on their FB page and distributing them through promoted channels. This is a relatively new feature that few know about and provides you the advantage of testing your ads before publishing them.

The disadvantages of mass mailing

Previously, the only way of using Facebook for social media marketing was by sending messages to their followers. However, the negative aspects of this advertising method are that advertisers had no option to deduce whether the recipients appreciated those ads. Obviously, you are not going to succeed with your marketing campaign if your followers have no interest in your ads. In fact, they might consider it as spam and remove you from their list of friends. Keeping this fact in mind, it is important for you to test different ads and find which one of them your fans appreciate. Even though dark posts do not appear on your timeline, they are linked to your FB page. The moment an individual clicks on your ad, he/ she is redirected to your page. Can you understand what this means? You are getting people who are specifically interested in your products and services to visit your page. This results in a greater percentage of conversion.

Creating an unpublished post

The best way to create dark ads is by using Power Editor… a Google Chrome extension. You can find many tutorials about this extension online. You should also check the rules imposed by Facebook about such ads before creating them and using them for your social media marketing purposes. For those who want to know details about this social media marketing method, a dark post is never published but is only shown as an ad.

Here at Convergent1 we have had many successful campaigns with dark posts.  Contact us today for more information about Facebook dark posts or your other digital advertising needs.

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