This Is How To View Your Facebook Search History


Privacy has long been dead as we all know. Most of us succumbed to Facebook and Google’s information collecting long ago. They are our digital overseers whether we like it or not. So it should come as no surprise to learn that Facebook has been collecting your searches since day one. That’s right, they have them all. The late night obsessions and stalking is all recorded. Fortunately, this nightmarish shame page is not public and I’m about to show you how to access it.

[alert type=”warning” close=”false”]Looking back at your Facebook search history could prove horrifying. Read on at your own risk.[/alert]

Charlie Warzel over at BuzzFeed deserves a big hat tip for making the following graphics so I didn’t have to. Thanks, Charlie!

To access your search history click that little gear icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Then select “Activity Log.” Then on the left column of the Activity Log page click “more.”


You’ll see tucked away at the very bottom the ominous word “search.”


Now just sit back and enjoy every search you have ever made cataloged by date! Oh the horror! Luckily, you can clear it all with a single click. In the upper right corner of the searches page you’ll see “Clear Searches.” Click it and your soul will be cleansed — For now.

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