The Not-So-Scary History of Website Design

website design not so scary

It’s been 25 years since the first website came online, and the internet has changed significantly in that time period. The first sites were nothing like the ones we experience today, as they consisted mainly of text without snazzy design. In fact, there was only a splash of color found on the page, and this was in the default blue hypertext. Those interested in web development, however, did not care; they were just thrilled to have the internet up and running. This is why CERN, the first website, was exciting in its own right. This, however, isn’t the case today. Internet users have become accustomed to advancements in website design, thus developers must continue to move forward.

The 1990s

The early sites revolved around text, and search feature weren’t introduced until 1993. By 1996, more internet users were signing onto the web, and website design companies began to find innovative ways to attract them. Garish ads became commonplace, and several companies introduced web browsers. JavaScript and Flash came into play during the early years of the internet, and Google launched near the end of the decade. As a result, the internet people know today still retains elements of the early attempts of developers to interest people.

The 2000s

Readability and functionality became the focus in the early parts of the twenty-first century when it came to website design. Social media sites, including Myspace and YouTube, launched at this time, and WordPress was first made available. During the second half of this decade, mobile devices came into play. The introduction of the iPhone and the first mobile browser opened a whole new world to people. They could now stay connected while on the go without having to make a phone call. E-Commerce and blogging also gained popularity during this time.

2010 & Onward

Responsive websites and animated GIFs helped bring in the new decade. Visual images continue to increase in importance along with clean code. Inbound marketing remains the preferred choice of companies, and greater flexibility in website design has become a priority. As new users go online each day to experience the world through the web, and to take advantage of a wealth of available information, it is clear that this trend isn’t expected to change any time in the near future.

In looking at how far the internet, the presence of websites, and strategic website designs have come in a quarter-century, there’s no telling where they will take humanity in the next 10 to 20 years. However, at Convergent1, we’re a Houston-based web design company that continues to stay on top of changing trends to ensure that our clients remain ahead of the competition. We remain grounded in practical marketing disciplines, and work to ensure that your business reaches its potential. Call us today at 713-690-0707, or browse now to learn more about our services.

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