How Often Should We Have Our Website Redesigned?

Convergent1 recommends website redesign every two to three years

Companies may often wonder when is it time for a website design update. There’s no easy answer to this, as it depends on various and ever-changing factors. However, business owners need to consider their business goals and objectives, current industry trends, as well as their budget to determine their when. As these factors differ for every company, the time to begin this process will also differ. Below are some telltale signs it’s time to update or redesign your company website.

Marketing Trends

A change in marketing trends is the main solicitor for updating and redesigning websites. As such, most marketing experts, like those from Convergent1, recommend website redesign at least every two to three years. How consumers search the internet for goods and services, as well as purchasing behaviors within certain industry markets, is relevant. In fact, it will ultimately determine whether a company site is useful or suddenly obsolete. Likewise, is that you don’t want your company website to appear to consumers as lagging behind in functionality or responsiveness. This may bring about misperceptions and cause you to lose your audience. Instead, it’s important to opt for website design updates more frequently. This is especially the case if you’re in a business where the market is constantly changing and advancing.

An Outdated Website

When the web first came into being, websites consisted primarily of text. In fact, the only color on the page was seen in the default hypertext; but this surely is no longer the case. Thanks to thousands of advances in web development, sites now contain images, videos, tiles, and much much more. Any company that is not making use of these elements won’t attract as many customers. Every competitive business truly needs a responsive website that can quickly relate to user behaviors and is based on the device used, etc., rather than simply including a few images to update their site.

Website Elements That No Longer Work

Any time a part of the website doesn’t work as intended, it’s definitely time for an update or redesign of the entire site. Customers don’t want to waste time arriving at a site only to discover they cannot access the information they need. They will always go elsewhere for online access and likely not return. For this reason, website designs and functionality should be evaluated regularly to ensure all components are working as intended, or upgraded where necessary.

A Change in the Purpose of the Site

Companies may opt to make major changes in their organization. For example, a company that formerly used its website to provide information may now choose to sell products related to the information they shared. Utilizing a web design company, like Convergent1, can be vital in repurposing and redesigning the site to coincide with the change in purpose. If your company hasn’t focused on this type of enterprise in the past, help is typically needed to ensure the site updates are handled adequately.

It’s paramount that businesses learn to recognize that marketing methods change frequently. What worked last month, or last year, may not be as effective today. At Convergent1 Smart Marketing, our Houston web design team understands the importance of keeping your company website and marketing efforts ahead of the curve. Our creative experience in website design and development always results in websites that are not only amazing, aesthetically appealing, and functional, but also both responsive and relevant to your industry. To learn more, browse our services now, or give us a call to schedule a time to connect! Call 713-690-0707.

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