Why Print Marketing Will Not Die

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After being bombarded by digital advertising for the past decade or more, one might imagine this is not only the dominant means of advertising but also the only successful one for numerous companies. Is it logical to surmise that an advertising agency should give up printed media in favor of internet marketing? Is there room for both? Just think about all the advertising you find stuffed into local newspapers or posted to your home or business address every week.

Why Digital Media Cannot Kill Printed Advertising

When a consumer receives printed items in the mail, he holds them in his hand, acknowledges for at least as long as it takes to walk from the mail box to his kitchen table. Before he knows it, an advertising agency has already got a foothold into his home and his consciousness. That marketing flier might still be used as kindling in the fire pit for your hot dog roast that night, but until that time comes, it is concrete. A business has the chance to make an impression if his potential customer has paid attention to it. With digital media, it is all too easy to exit a screen or click delete.

Trust the Print

Americans tend to trust what they see in print but rarely believe what they read on the internet. Teachers educate their students from a young age about the relative value of internet websites and how students should use discernment when citing information from them. Consumers trust books and newspapers: getting printed in those takes more effort and credentials than posting an article on the web. Americans also trust businesses mailing fliers carefully created by an advertising agency more than they trust businesses that solely rely on the internet for disseminating information.


Remember that printing can be applied to more than business cards and letters; clothing, pens, and gifts make excellent media for an advertising agency to consider as well. In fact, some studies have found that when evaluating the cost vs. revenue ratio for print against internet marketing, printed media was cheaper to produce.

Marketing for the Generations

Today’s youth is accustomed to addressing invitations to competitions and reading virtual business cards on their mobile devices, but they do not have the real money. Retirees are the ones with disposable income, and they are also the group least likely to appreciate internet marketing. A smart advertising agency does not alienate this demographic.

Marketing across the Board

It does not pay to go all one way or the other: advertisers and their clients act most wisely when they view each method as complementing the other. An advertiser can incorporate elements of digital media into his printed fliers and business cards; in fact, he should. Only rarely does a company avoid internet representation. Using social media is another element of business strategy. Facebook and Twitter are not just two methods of frivolous and instant social interaction. Savvy CEOs know they have to utilize these platforms without relying on them. Print media might provide a backbone for the modern advertising agency for generations to come.

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