SA4i Introduces VICHT! Virtual Coaching for Tennis

From Being on the Sidelines to Being Online

While traditional coaching formats rely on face-to-face as well as side-by-side interactions, virtual coaching is a different ball game.

It is widely believed that virtual worlds present an opportunity to overcome several coaching limitations (Lopes, 2009). Further, sports coaching and training require the adjustment of teaching models and methods to the needs and potential of students and technology.

SA4i is proud to be part of making the technology for virtual coaching readily available (worldwide) through VICHT! at their SA4i designed website:

Underlying Qualities of the Virtual Coaching Relationship

All coaching relationships (traditional or virtual) must build upon several underlying qualities of both student and coach. Foremost among the pertinent qualities in any coaching them are the willingness have and develop a trusting relationship, a high level of initiative, a personal commitment, and to change (Blackman, 2010).

Because of the occasional frustrations that can occur from technological problems, this foundation being cemented up front is vital for virtual coaching.

Setting and Evaluating Virtual Goals for Real Performance

Researchers have a vast agreement that coaching should be goal based (Kerfoot, 2010).

A serious and aspiring athlete tends to want to know the answer to questions such as: What stands between me and success in my sport? What is my ultimate goal in sport? What does success in my sport mean to me? Do I have the mental edge over my opponents? If not, how do I develop it?

Athletes generally have a coach helping them learn the physical requirements of their chosen sport. Often the same coach (or, at some of the highest levels, even a team psychologist) works with the athlete to improve their ability to correctly attribute both success or failure, focus on goals, ignore distractions, increase self-image, overcome competitive nervousness, and many other aspects of sport-specific psychological preparation.

The Power of VICHT! Virtual Coaching for Tennis

Would you like to benefit from having your tennis game analyzed by a true tennis pro?

Would you like to increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, skill sets and/or skill level?

Would Peter Lundgren (the coach who led Roger Federer to his first championship) be beneficial to you as your personal tennis coach?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, call 1-832-325-5100 or visit VICHT! Virtual Tennis Coaching and get the professional guidance to help you accomplish all this and more.

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