Samsung Gear S2 vs the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is not the first smartwatch to be announced, but ever since its launch, any competition from the Android Wear segment has been annihilated. This doesn’t mean the watches based on the Android Wear technology aren’t capable, efficient and beautiful, but there is some charm about Apple products that invariably leaves the competition guessing. Samsung is no stranger to the smartwatch game, and wants to take the Cupertino firm heads on with its Tizen-based Gear S2.

Design and Build Quality

The Gear S2 and the Apple Watch are two distinct breeds – there’s not just the primary software disparity (Tizen vs. watchOS 2), but the physical dimensions paint unique pictures too. The Apple Watch is rectangular with curvy corners. The S2 is round, more like a traditional watch.

The build quality and design of the S2 is top-notch – probably even better than the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane. However, the Apple Watch still manages to reign supreme with its hardware. And its additional heft adds to the ‘premium’ feel. Meanwhile, the Gear S2’s interchangeable rubber and leather straps are no match to Apple’s strap options.


For interface navigation, the Apple product uses a touch display and small dial. The S2 keeps the touchscreen technology but replaces the digital dial with its unique spinning bezel. Apple’s digital crown only facilitates zooming in and out. The Samsung smartwatch’s spinning bezel is more intuitive and allows navigating the app launcher.

Display and Battery Life

The displays of both the Apple and Samsung watches use AMOLED technology, wherein the pixels illuminate individually. There is no universal backlight. Consequentially, the darker pixels consume lesser power compared to the brighter ones.

Apple’s watch lasts a day on average use. Gear S2’s battery is yet to be put through the test. But if Samsung’s claims of 2-3 days battery life is any indication, then you’ve got a clear winner in this department.


Both the watches have their merits and demerits. But what works most for the Apple Watch is its brand power and robust ecosystem. The Gear S2 is a capable offering too, and its compatibility with non-Samsung phones only broadens its hopes. However, its decision to use Tizen technology is debatable.

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