San Francisco Font – Maximum Readability And Clarity


Are you a developer who specializes in creating applications for the iOS platform? No doubt, you know the trauma associated with selecting fonts that render flawlessly on all types of screens, including that of the Apple Watch. Certain fonts render properly on big displays, but spoil the design of the associated application when viewed on tiny screens. How would you react if you could access fonts, specifically designed keeping Apple platforms in mind? The news of the decade is that Apple now permits developers to download their proprietary San Francisco fonts.

What makes this typeface stand apart?

Unlike other typefaces, the designers of the Cupertino-based behemoth designed San Francisco, keeping the iOS Dynamic Type format in mind. This format allows developers to adjust the line height and letter spacing dynamically in their design for different font sizes. In simple terms, this typeface will adjust its properties depending on the display unit without compromising on readability. Achieving this goal was extremely difficult in the past. The professional had to create a different design for big displays and another one for smaller screens.

No serifs

It is extremely difficult to view serifs; in particular, the tiny strokes on the upper and lower end of a typeface… and at small font sizes. Keeping this in mind, Apple decided to opt for a sans serif font, which closely resembles Helvetica Neue; however, it has subtle changes that only an experienced typographer can detect. To enhance clarity even more, they created a compact (condensed) version of the fonts for apple watchOS. The overall family consists of nine different weights, and you can only use them for design and development of apps solely for Apple products. This font follows specifications defined by DIN, the German standards body. Ensure that your new app is ready for the future by incorporating this font in it.

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