Simple Ways Your Social Media Can Improve Your SEO

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Many business owners avoid social media because they feel there isn’t a need for it.  Yet, your SEO initiatives and strategic social media use can go hand in hand.  If you plan accordingly, you may just find that your use of social media can give your SEO efforts the boost you have been looking for.

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Increasing Brand Exposure and Creating Social Signals

While your social media posts do not directly contribute to your SEO, the links that you share across social media platforms do.  When you share your content on social media you are influencing your social media in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Distribution of your content
  • Increasing the lifespan of your content
  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Enhancing brand reputation

By sharing your content across social media you are creating social signals.  Research indicates that there is a direct correlation between social shares and SEO.  Google and other search engines “see” these shares and use them to help rank your website.

Social Media Drives Traffic To Your Website

Utilizing social media to share your content can help drive relevant traffic to your website.  Not only will you have a constant flow of traffic to your website, but you can also be sure that the traffic is relevant.   Users who visit once may then take to the internet and partake in branded searches that work to further communicate to search engines that your brand is noteworthy.

Social Media Usage Increases Mentions

Social media is a great tool to get others to start talking about your brand and your products.  There is a direct correlation between likes, shares, and mentions and effective SEO campaigns.  While your social media posts are not in and of themselves part of your SEO, the result is a boost to your SEO efforts. This is especially true if your content that you share is optimized, using well-researched keywords and posting at the most relevant times.

Need Help with Tying Your Social Media to Your SEO Success?

Want to make the most of your SEO initiatives and ensure that your social media actively boosts those efforts as much as possible?  Convergent1 can help!  Since the very beginning of social media as we know it today, we have been helping our clients harness the power of various social media platforms, supporting aggressive SEO efforts and growing brand awareness. Are you ready?  Contact us today for more information!  We would love to help!

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