Social Media Marketing And The Bendy IPhone 6

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According to Apple’s social media marketing, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not to be missed, but buyers have found a reason for concern: the rather flexible phone may be more vulnerable to breaking. Early videos of the phone being bent caught a great deal of attention, although further tests have shown the device to be much sturdier than initial consumer reports claimed. People with the habit carrying their iPhones in their back pockets began to worry that they might damage their new smartphones if they accidentally sat down on them.

Science Tests iPhone Structural Integrity

In lab tests, the iPhone 6 has been subjected to flexural tests that place set amounts of pressure per square inch on the phone. The device resisted warping, cracking or other kinds of damage until over 90 pounds of pressure per square inch were applied to it. The iPhone 6 Plus showed no signs of warping until over 110 pounds of pressure per square inch were applied to it.

Further Details on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The device has the distinction of being the first phablet-style version launched for the consumer market. Its 5.5 inch dimensions make it an intermediate size between earlier iPhone devices and Apple’s popular iPad and iPad Mini. The newest iPhone release is also available in smaller 4.7 inch versions for users who prefer to stick to a smartphone of these dimensions. Aside from largely unfounded fears over the phone’s extra flexibility, the device has gotten good reviews for its features and functionality. Many SEO marketing campaigns about the new version will highlight its high quality of design as well as its ease of use.

The larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus may make it more awkward to use for individuals with smaller hands. It does get high marks for its rounded corners and sophistication of exterior design. Some reviewers have reported the smartphone appears to sit somewhat unevenly on flat surfaces, but this flaw is considered minor and negligible. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with the same color options that were introduced with the iPhone 5.

Regarding the structural integrity of the new phone, Apple has released a statement that details the strength of the tempered aluminum and stainless steel alloys used to manufacture these devices. The press release echoed the findings of the industrial lab tests that showed the iPhone 6 was able to stand up to significant pressure tests.

Aside from structural soundness, the device also comes with many of the features that dedicated iPhone fans have come to expect with each new device version release. These include the iSight front- and rear-facing camera as well as FaceTime. The device’s camera has a burst mode and the ability to shoot 720p video. One caveat is the smartphone’s size; buyers are encouraged to try holding the larger iPhone 6 Plus in one hand and using it before purchasing. The bigger size means the device may not always fit every hand size.

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