Social Media Marketing And Black Friday

social media marketing

Emails, word of mouth, brochures, SMS, websites, blogs… all of them contributed a part in successfully promoting Black Friday sales this year. However, social media marketing alone helped in generating an excess of 50% of sales than all of the other marketing methods put together. This aptly demonstrates the power of social media marketing. Let us take a look at why other marketing methods were not so successful.


Most people use Gmail, the leading web based email service. This mail service provider has a certain algorithm set in its mail servers. If a pre-determined number of individuals mark email originating from a particular domain as spam, Gmail’s server will mark it as unsolicited mail and all mails from that domain will be delivered to the spam folder of the recipient. In such a scenario, the promotional mail will remain unseen by the recipient, leading to loss of business.

Word of Mouth

This is an extremely popular and reliable type of advertising. However, without using social media, it takes time to spread news via this method. The success of this promotional method depends on how quickly the recipient propagates the message to his friends, colleagues, and family members. On a typical basis, it requires several weeks for this method to be successful.


Using printed media is quite popular. You can select an ad agency to print and distribute brochures to boost your Black Friday sales. However, the recipient has to read the details printed on the brochure before purchasing goods from you. He could simply crumple the paper and drop it in his trash can. Apart from this, it is not always easy to deliver brochures to individuals who are interested in your goods or services.


People find it annoying to receive unsolicited text messages. One should rarely opt for this strategy, unless they have permission from the recipient to send promotional messages. Remember, it is illegal to send promotional text messages without prior permission.

Websites & Blogs

They are a tried and tested method of promoting your products and services. However, only those who visit your website or read your blog posts will get to know about your special Black Friday offers. Chances of finding new customers through these media are remote.

Social Media… The King

Facebook alone receives 864 million visitors per day. If they like your product and its price, you can rest assured that they will like your Facebook page and forward information about it to their friends as well. Their friends in turn will forward it to their friends, causing a chain reaction that can translate into millions of customers in a single day. Apart from this, all of them have a penchant for your products. Online surveys reveal that people are more likely to purchase products recommended by their social network friends. Therefore, it is not surprising to see an increasing number of online stores using social media marketing to promote their services and products. Obviously, offering freebies during this period boosts sales and generates goodwill too. Some of the best marketing campaigns include either massive discounts or one free product for every two purchased. Their modus operandi:

  • Ignite the curiosity of the client
  • Offer them something special
  • Treat them how a customer should always be treated
  • Stick to your word
  • Include a coupon offering discounts on their next purchase

At Convergent1, we use social media along with many other available methods to reach your customers. We know the potential road blocks and put a lot of effort into selecting the right media for your campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can uses social media to improve business performance.

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