Taking Advantage of “Google My Business” In Search Engine Marketing


Google My Business or GMB, gives users access to the perks and features offered by Google that can help increase local or worldwide exposure, open lines of communication between the company and its customers, and provide the world with accurate and up-to-date information about a company through search engine marketing. Google has grown into a powerful entity that is a constant presence for anyone accessing the Internet through computers and mobile devices. The opportunity to utilize the tools Google offers is something every business owner or manager must consider taking advantage of. Google My Business can take search engine marketing to a new level, and provide Houston business managers and owners a boost in their online visibility and accessibility.

The World Wide Web is a vast ocean of websites and links; and for a potential customer to find a single company, would be akin to a 16th century explorer lucking out and discovering a small island in the Pacific. By using GMB, users can stand out and be found among the other websites out there through search engine marketing. Google has built a multi-platform empire, one that contains its eponymous search engine, a virtual map service (Google Maps), a social networking platform (Google+), and now even a video sharing website (YouTube). Each of these can be utilized by business owners savvy enough to the potential of GMB to maximize their visibility in the online world. Ease of access is a must for any business owner who wants potential clients to find them. By establishing a presence in multiple platforms, clients can easily find out where a business is located and how to reach or contact it.

Finding a business in the World Wide Web is but the beginning of every potential client’s search for a business that can meet their needs. Competition is as present online as it is in the real world; and in order for a business to thrive, they must provide accurate and up-to-date information to potential clients. Information like- the type of services or products offered, promotions and deals, the business location, current rates, and most importantly, the means by which the business can be reached are all vital for potential customers to make a choice. All of this can be accomplished when companies learn to take advantage of search engine marketing tools. Search engines are the prime means for people to find a website and Google Search is the most-used search engine in the world. Location and proximity are important and Google Maps gives clients a better idea of where and how far a business is from their location. Google+ and YouTube are both great means to expand a business network and also to popularize promotions and deals to existing and potential customers. Information about opening hours and directions to the physical location of the business are also much appreciated by visitors looking to make a quick decision. The easier it is for people to find the presence of a business on the Internet, and the more information they could glean when they do visit the business website, the easier it is for that business to expand their customer base.

This is improving the way local businesses, such as those in Houston, expand their reach and obtain a competitive edge among the other businesses in the area. When businesses sign up for GMB, they are given a plethora of options, from posting pictures and videos to setting up a virtual tour of their business. The signup interface is as user-friendly as can be. New users are given step by step instructions on setting up their account and maximizing the potential GMB offers.

Not only is the Internet a great place to expand the global reach of a brand, it is also a good place for businesses to enjoy a more in-depth interaction with their clients, suppliers, and other companies. Google My Business lets business managers and owners use the Internet for more than just search engine marketing. It allows business owners the ability to coordinate information dissemination campaigns, product launches, and customer service interactions from a single application. Customers can also post their reviews, and business owners can see how well they are doing with Google rating. Customers can also chat with business owners, and business owners can create impromptu focus groups using Google Hangouts- a feature that can only help businesses looking to improve the quality of their service. Google My Business is a one-stop shop that already incorporates email linking and social media updates, giving business owners the flexibility of managing their account wherever they are, and regardless of whether they are using a computer or a mobile device. A business owner can spend as little as an hour a day updating their website and posting pictures, and still stay competitive and relevant in their niche or field.

Google’s advertisement and analytical services are also accessible through GMB. Business owners can see how their business page is doing, as well as other parameters that can help them make informed decisions regarding search engine marketing and advertisement options.

All of the features of GMB are useful for small businesses, brands, search engine marketing, and even non-profit organizations; yet each one of these features are already available to people savvy enough to create blogs and integrate those with one’s email and social media accounts. What makes GMB stand out, is the fact that it offers users the entire experience in an easy to digest package, and minimizes uber-technical customization that would deter non-Internet savvy users. Small business owners from locales like Houston, can now use various aspects of the Internet in expanding their business with search engine marketing, even without in-depth or advanced knowledge of computers and the Internet. Mom and pop stores, family businesses and small-scale establishments in Houston, and around the world, can now establish a presence without the need to hire expensive search engine marketing consultants, or web page designers, and can pay for website hosting and other services. Google as a company has always been all about improving user experience and maximizing their capabilities with ease, and GMB does exactly that. Business owners have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out Google My Business, and then seeing how it can help grow their business through search engine marketing.

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