When it comes to the new Google logo design, it’s any wonder that the online community think unconventional daily art online is most interesting for this conventional tech company. In fact, the Google.com homepage is all about its famed “Google Doodle” of one sort or another. The logo is part of the website’s clean white canvas design; while often incorporating somewhat quirky art subjects for this daily web page doodle.

Doodle trending online

The doodle on Google’s website landing page is usually a single themed art form subject. For instance, a sports team winning something national or big, will become a likely “doodle” candidate for this homepage art design. According to Google itself, the candidate for its daily logo design must “engage” readers, while also being composed of a “constellation of devices.”

At the same time, there is often a Google logo design contest going on to entice young artists to join the brand with some type or style of stylistic art that says both Google and more. The process for creating the Google logo usually starts with a brainstorming session. This is when artists and website designers “distill the essence” of the existing logo and try and improve on it, states an online tutorial.

Logos for next doodle

The basis of the famed Google “design” is all about the artistic “collaborative process,” explained a logo contributor commenting online. The artist said that any new Google logo design should be evaluated on its overall feasibility as an art graphic that explains itself instantly. In turn, the doodle is all about good Google “logotype face,” the use of the brand’s characteristic dogs and the famed Google “G.” The artists who understand these three key elements usually are successful in designing a new Google Doodle daily design creation.

Overall, there has never been a better time for would be artists to submit their Google Doodle logo designs, say the company’s online marketing department.