Top 7 Principles of Mobile Web Design Worth Knowing

responsive mobile web design principles

When it comes to mobile web design, there are a few things companies need to know. According to Google’s latest statistics, 52% of market traffic comes from the mobile platform. Following the overwhelming use of Smartphones as a tool for searching and buying products online, a compatible and unique mobile web design is a necessity for every business owner. Google expects all sites to be compatible with the mobile interface. This means looking for an expert who can adopt the right standards for mobile design.

To help you get the best mobile web interface, here are 7 of the top principles to look for in a mobile website:

  1. Easy and Concise Menus:

Since mobile screens are smaller, the user should be able to scroll easily through the menu. An ideal menu should be “hamburger” style, and not have more than 5 items. This will allow the user to navigate easily.

  1. Simple Form Fields:

The questions that you ask the customers should not demand too much information from the mobile user. Expert designers will employ the various fields in the appropriate form, such as checkboxes, dropdowns, and/or calendars.

  1. Thumb-size Button Design:

A majority of mobile users complain about small tabs that do not allow easy clicking. You should avoid this by having larger buttons created that don’t require the user to do zooming.

  1. Short Loading Time:

It’s annoying for a user to wait long for a page to load. The customer expects the site to take two seconds or less to load. Expert web companies like Houston’s Convergent1 Smart Marketing, will ensure that this is possible.

  1. Easy Contact Approach:

As a basic e-commerce principle, the customer should be able to contact the seller easily. In mobile web design, you should provide an easy communication interface that the customer can use to contact you. It is important to have a contact form, email address or social media links.

  1. Relevant Search Results:

Site searching becomes important if the mobile user gets the results that they need. Once the customer is done with the search, you should provide them with filter options to sort the results.

  1. Simple Call to Actions (CTAs):

A CTA is an essential element in web design that compels visitors to purchase or learn more about products and services. Its role is equally vital in mobile design just like in desktop application. You should have the CTA located above the folds and should have contrasting colors.

Get to Know Convergent1

It’s very important to allow experts to handle your mobile web design. Houston’s Convergent1 is an award-winning marketing firm, where we specialize in responsive designs for websites to help increase web presence, SEO efforts, as well as help generate more potential leads for your Houston business or start-up. We ensure that companies have market-driven mobile sites by utilizing the 7 principles to create a user-friendly mobile interface for your brand.

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