How To Use Tumblr To Your Advantage

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At its heart, Tumblr is a blogging platform. You can use it to write and post articles and content, you can post pictures and videos, and you can even use it for audio clips. On top of that, a Tumblr account gives you the ability to comment on the posts of other users or to share their posts. It is incredibly easy to use, and it connects you with people all over the world. For any business owner, it needs to be a big part of your overall social media marketing plan.

The Rise of Blogging

Over the years, there has been a distinct rise in blogging and a change in the way that it is both used and viewed. It used to be something that people did almost the same way that you would keep a diary: They wrote personal thoughts in the blogs, used them to share artwork, and the like. While this still happens, blogs have evolved into content-driven sites that are focused not just on sharing with people you already know, but in attracting more attention to your site. They’ve grown immensely more popular, to the point that millions and millions of people use them every day.

Excellent Content

If you decide to use a Tumblr blog as part of your social media marketing plan, you need to focus on two things, and the first is excellent content. It needs to engage the people who read it, ask for feedback, and answer their questions. Often, companies will use blogs to directly respond to customer concerns. For example, a roofing company may compile a list of all of the questions that they tend to get by phone or email every month, and then the most common topics can be explored on the blog. Since this is what people are looking for, it helps to drive traffic to the blog.

The second thing to think about is the use of keywords, links, and fresh content. All of these are critical for SEO. Old content, even if it is still relevant, is ranked lower in search engines, so you really need new posts every day. You also want to use a few keywords, but you don’t want to stuff them in. The goal is to provide the information that the consumers really want, as noted above, but to also put in keywords that they are searching for so that they are able to find that content.

Linking Back

The whole system is a chain, and the final link is to direct traffic back to your main site. This way, you don’t have to put the fresh content on your main site every day, so it remains free of clutter and easy to use. With the blog, though, you get new content up all of the time, you connect with other users to spread that content, and you use social media marketing to tell potential customers about your goods and services, your deals and upcoming offers. If they’re interested, the backlink connects them to you more directly.

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