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Social media has changed dramatically since its inception.  When it first began, social media was meant to connect people who knew each other personally in a new and exciting way.  Today, the social media scene is much more involved and complicated than that.  There are more platforms and more users than ever before.  In fact, in 2020 it is estimated that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.  For businesses, this means that there is an almost unlimited potential to make new business connections.

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Utilizing Social Media Networks

Do you know where social media users are spending their time?  Do you know who your target audience is?  The good news is that with so many people online, you can be sure much of your target demographic can be reached through social sites. The breakdown of users by generation is:

  • 4% of Millennials
  • 5% of Generation X
  • 2% of Baby Boomers

The average user is spending three hours a day on social sites, with Facebook being the most heavily used social media site across all of the world, despite age.  Does this mean that you need to be on Facebook?  Facebook is not one size fits all, but being that it is the most popular platform, it is a good idea to at least consider setting up and optimizing an account and exploring the platform and its opportunities.

Social Media for Business
Learn More About Facebook and Social Media Statistics in 2020

Of course, you may also want to check out Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIN and even Tik Tok depending on your target audience.  Every platform features a slightly different demographic, advertising options and the potential to meet your target audience where they are: online.

Social Media Business Postings: Interact With Relevance and Intention

With your personal social media account, you have the license to post whatever you want, whenever you want.  When you are posting on behalf of your business, you always want your posts to be relevant and backed by intentions that serve your business and followers well.  Content should be engaging and should drive your target audience to take action.

There are industry posting standards that can help you determine when your target audience is most active, so you are more likely to get engagement.  This can be broken down by platform and even industry to give the best opportunity to be seen and really drive home that connection with your target audience.  Here is an example of best times to post on Facebook, globabally speaking.

time to post on Facebook
Figure 1: Best Times to Post on Facebook

It’s also important to know that there are two different types of posting activities that you can engage in on social sites.  You can choose to have organic posts, which is where you post whatever relevant content you would like as often as you would like.  You can also choose to do paid advertisements, also known as sponsored posts.  These paid or sponsored posts will be pushed out by the platform to help drive engagement through the social site advertising algorithm.  Many businesses find a combination of regular organic posting and paid advertising results in the best overall result.

Interact Online to Sway Purchasing Decisions

Today, people who are engaging regularly on social media aren’t just there to interact with old friends and share pictures of their smoothie in a trendy café.  Instead, they are also there to research products and services that they want to buy.  In fact, more than 50% users on social sites use social media to research and vet products to become more informed before they buy.

Social Media purchasing behaviors
Learn More About Social Media Purchasing Behaviors

When you consider this, it becomes more clear, perhaps than ever before, why it is important to position yourself on social media where your target audience can engage with you.  When optimized correctly, you can not only be where the action is, but you can introduce people to your brand, nurture brand loyalty and drive sales.  Is your social media presence currently set up and optimized in a way to make it work to drive business for you?

Convergent1 Can Help With Your Social Media Presence

Not sure where to start with social sites and your business?  Its effective use can prove to drive business an amazing way.  Convergent1 knows that setting up social media accounts and optimizing them can be overwhelming, but we can help!  Our social experts will work with you to understand you, your business, and your target audience to help set you up for success.  Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you connect with your share of the 3.5 billion people currently using social platforms.

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