What Does Google Know About You


It may come as a surprise to many people, but Google may actually know more about you than you might think. Google knows your age, the number of emails you’ve sent and received since you opened your email account, your hobbies, the type of computer you own, and the last time you accessed it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg — Google knows your internet browsing patterns, and a lot more about your personal preferences. Google leverages search engine marketing, along with other information, to display various interest ads related to your local community, nearby cities such as Houston, your state, and other parts of the US.

It is no secret that Google collects various data from its users — the tech giant made this clear back in 2009 after launching Dashboard, a transparency tool that lets users see how much information Google has about them.

With this tool, you can gain access to your voice search history, location, and other information. From here, you may also choose to edit the settings which will limit the amount of information the tech giant saves on you.

According to Google, the information collected from your browsing activities is used to improve your experience using their services. Search engine marketing is the best way to provide internet users with information to help them obtain the specific information they seek; as well as, to make shopping and online purchasing as convenient as possible through ads and cookies. While this is true, not everyone welcomes this idea. According to surveys carried out in the past, most people are more concerned about the information shared with Google than they are about friends, relatives, and even the NSA.

If you want to protect your privacy, check settings on different devices and ensure you are not sharing more than you are comfortable with. Note that most devices come with default settings that allow Google to save your data without your knowledge. You may also use the Dashboard tool and check how much data Google has on you. Turning off your Google maps, and other applications on your Android phones, may also help keep you out of their radars.

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