What Is Periscope & How Is It Being Used In Marketing


Periscope is one of the most popular mobile apps for streaming video. It works somewhat like YouTube, but footage is broadcast live at specific times. The app comes from Twitter, so it’s easy to tell followers when to watch.

Major companies, like Dunkin’ Donuts and Adidas, have successfully used Periscope in their marketing campaigns. Some small businesses take advantage of it as well. These seven marketing techniques have recently gained popularity:

  1. Various companies introduce new merchandise in live demonstrations. They can draw more attention by treating the introduction as a surprise and keeping product specifics secret until the broadcast occurs.
  1. Businesses occasionally stream live footage of things the public doesn’t normally see. For instance, a factory might reveal what its manufacturing process looks like.
  1. To boost sales and reward loyal viewers, some Periscope broadcasts feature exclusive deals. A special coupon code may appear at the end of a retailer’s video.
  1. Staff members can use live broadcasts to deliver breaking company or industry news. This is a great way to comment on a major development before anyone else.
  1. Certain businesses allow their customers to ask questions during video streaming sessions. Fellow viewers learn from the answers. Employees can accept inquiries through Periscope comments, SMS, and email.
  1. A similar marketing technique involves communicating with reporters via online broadcasts. More journalists will ask questions and report on a business if they can do so without traveling.
  1. Some businesses have succeeded in getting celebrities to appear in their live streams. This attracts considerable attention to a company because a star’s fans will be sure to watch the footage.

The marketing practices associated with Periscope, and other live mobile apps, continue to evolve. Businesses benefit from this software when they strive to deliver creative, time-sensitive material that elicits genuine enthusiasm among viewers and potential consumers.

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