Why SEO Efforts Still Matter

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Do you find yourself growing fatigued by all the information you read telling you what you need to do to be found on the internet?  Are you inundated with SEO information and tools that are supposed to help you be more easily found by your target audience AND drive business?

Many business owners have so many tools and information at their disposal they may not be sure what still works and what is needed.  One thing is clear, even midway through 2020, SEO still matters, and when done correctly, it is still one of the most valuable ways to drive business.

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Search Engines are Smarter Than Ever Before

In the past, most of SEO was based on keyword related strategies, but in 2020 SEO efforts have shifted a bit, thanks in large part to the Google BERT update, that occurred in late 2019.  This update changed the algorithm a bit, requiring SEO professionals to focus more on content-based optimizing rather simpler keyword strategies. The search engines today are looking for naturally written content that is relevant to the rest of the website.  In short, if you want your content to work for you, you need up to date SEO initiatives.

Get Found, Organically

Not only are the search engines getting smarter about which sites have quality content for the end-user, but SEO efforts will also help you show up in organic posts.  While paid advertisements are great, as much as 70% of all visits to your website will be organic.  When your site is well optimized, in terms of backlinks, keywords, content, design and overall strategy you won’t just be found on perfectly placed advertisements, you will be found organically, too, through higher search engine rankings.  With a whole approach SEO, you are ensuring that you are not putting all of your eggs into one basket.

Boost Your Advertising Endeavors

While having the ability to be found organically matters, if you are going to pay for advertising, you want to make it count.  Yes, even advertisements must have an SEO strategy behind them so that wording, placement, and visuals are all designed to appeal to your target audience.  Perhaps more importantly, your SEO efforts for your website must tie into your advertising efforts.

Convergent1 Can Help With Your SEO Initiatives

If you are unsure how to proceed with search engine optimization, you are not alone.  It can be quite complex and the landscape is always changing.  As a premier full-service SEO marketing firm, we make it our business to keep up with the ever-changing scope of SEO and SEM.  We would love to take over your SEO efforts to place your business in a position to stand out from the competition.

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