2016 Website Design Trends For Houston


Everyone knows that having a web presence is a must for business owners in today’s commercial world. Not everyone, however, understands that the website design itself communicates a lot about your business to your customers. Popular trends in web design; like richer animations, material designs, micro-interactions, and multi-responsive sites, will continue to grow and evolve with technology.

Internet and mobile phone users are becoming savvier, and technology is constantly working to stay three steps ahead. Therefore, the website trends that will continue to emerge in 2016 will show that sites with a clunky theme, dated design, and amateurish functionality will quickly be discarded by customers conducting pre-buying research, as well as those seeking to obtain needed information within a single click. The message is clear: a pleasing website design gives your business a professional image, and will keep the customers coming.

Perhaps nowhere is this message more vital for business owners than in one of today’s most influencing commercial and technology centers, the City of Houston. In Houston’s competitive atmosphere, taking early advantage of upmarket online trends for 2016 will pay dividends. The best website designers understand that it’s not just about graphic art or magazine-style layout. While having a mobile-ready site is a given these days, and the novelty of excessive parallax scrolling has just about worn off, research shows that a smoothly intuitive user pathway and function, translates as “design beauty appeal” in the eyes of the consumer. Developers in 2016 are going to have to remain subtle in their introduction of user engagement strategies, since trends still point to an appreciation of minimalist practices. Busy and distracting features are a no-no; yet visual movement gets attention like nothing else. The key trend here is asking for a series of tiny user responses that can accumulate into meaningful interactivity, all without perceptible user effort.

Another website design trend gaining momentum in 2016 is in mimicking the success of iconic sites, such as Pinterest. While the multi-message card-style layout can seem counterproductive at first, the success of this mode of presentation has stood the test of time in hard-copy versions, like columned newspaper and magazine block ads, and is therefore familiar and navigable.

Houston is known for its advanced technology pioneering, and this certainly applies to the area of cutting-edge web design for 2016. Your Houston web designer will know how to match the online customer behavior your business needs with the perfect user-focused site.

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