3 Easy Steps to Great Marketing Strategy

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While the online world allows more opportunity for business than ever before, there seems to be a pattern with many long established Houston area businesses that have been around for decades struggling, while new businesses who understand online marketing strategy are taking off. One of the first things that local Houston businesses need to realize is that when it comes to marketing online, you need to understand how local SEO and local advertising works. If you can use the two in combination, then that’s how a business gets ahead.

The best Houston marketing strategy is to first take a look at your business and what your best advertising options are. Are you a law firm that needs to look at display ads over pay per click to keep the budget in line? Do you run a business that has a high per customer value that makes AdSense a great choice for getting your name out there? Do you have the type of business where a social media presence on Facebook is a great way to connect with customers?

Whatever the answers to these questions, they go a long way towards figuring the best strategy for helping your area business get the online attention it needs.

The second step in implementing a marketing strategy, is to decide whether to go independent in figuring out the marketing, or whether to hire a firm. Major considerations here are going to include cost, experience, and your own capabilities with the newest websites and online marketing platforms. If that sounds confusing, it’s probably best to see what local agencies are taking on more clients.

Finally, make a plan for your offline marketing plans, as well. While the lion’s share of the traffic is online now, you still need to have some offline presence. Even if that’s not pamphlets, mailers, or the telephone book, you still want to find a way to keep yourself in the public eye. This combination is what will help your marketing plan knock it out of the park.

Still not sure what your next step is? We’ll make it easy: Contact Convergent1.

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