Google Analytics Keywords Listed as “Not Provided?” Get an Explanation From our Houston Marketing Firm

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We’ve previously discussed what the numbers mean in Google’s AdWords Keyword Report and have run into another issue when using their tools for SEO research: the dreaded “not provided” entry on Google Analytics.
For example, when we go into our own Houston marketing firm’s website report in Google Analytics, we navigate to Acquisition (on the left-hand column), then Keywords, then Organic. The first item listed is “(not provided),” which is a shame, since there is a lot of key information there including how many sessions, new sessions, new users, behaviors, and more.

So what is the official explanation for this? It seems that Google does not want to share the information that their account holders use. Basically, if someone is logged into a Google account when searching (and most are), their search keywords, clicks, behavior, etc. is not shared via Google Analytics.

This practice began in 2011 when Google started restricting the search keyword data sent to websites from secure Google search pages. We find this ironic since there are reports of Google sharing user information with vendors, and we’ve all wondered why ads for sites we’ve visited seem to magically appear whenever we search.

So how does one get accurate data? There are many other free and paid SEO keyword research tools out there, our favorite of which is SEM Rush, which provides accurate keyword data and much more.

And if you need a Houston marketing firm to help navigate the world of Google Analytics and keyword reports, give us a call at (713) 690-0707, fill out the form on this page, or contact us.

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