What Google Hummingbird Means for the Future of SEO

humming bird and its impact on SEO

We’ve previously discussed vital search stats and the benefits of Google Plus and are excited about the newest addition to Google: Hummingbird. Named after the bird for its speed and accuracy, it is positioned to change the world of SEO as we know it.

In a traditional Google search, the matching of the entered search terms to a URL or page title was key. Search results went to these first and foremost and gave those with great domain names an edge. However, Google Hummingbird is designed to further explore content to provide more accurate results.

So for example, if you searched “B2B marketing Houston,” you were likely to get a site boasting a URL with some or all of those keywords in the first results. With Google Hummingbird, sites that have more information on those three words in the content (as well as social media) are more likely to appear on the first page, providing more accurate results.

What will still matter under Google Hummingbird:

1. Original content that is engaging (and clicked on)
2. Organic back links
3. Keywords carefully placed in moderation

Long tail keywords

We’ve all seen how Google and other search engines attempt to do the typing for you by filling in your searches with their most popular entries as you type. For example, typing “ange” into the search box will bring up “Angelina Jolie,” “Angie’s List,” and others. Hummingbird will now better match users with those sites that have the entirety of the long tail keyword phrase they are looking for.

Hummingbird is also expected to work better for searches that are voice initiated by mobile device.

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