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Today’s consumers face a variety of challenges when shopping for goods and services; this is why brand marketing must remain relevant in order for companies to continue to hold a place in the market share. Gone are the days when an ad in the phone book or the back of a local paper was sufficient to generate customers for area business owners. Businesses must now take advantage of dedicated marketing strategies to increase, or even maintain, sales. Read on to learn about ways to keep your brand marketing relevant in a constantly changing market.

Understand Global & Targeted Market Culture

Most businesses know that the global marketing culture is constantly changing and rearranging by the day; yet, many aren’t fully aware of the changes that are happening right under their noses. What some businesses fail to understand is how specific changes take place within their own targeted marketing culture. Surprisingly, this happens more often than you think. In other words, it’s like being so deep in the forest, that you can’t see the trees. Company executives often easily see cultural marketing changes from a global standpoint and then make adjustments to stay relevant. However, they run the risk of losing their targeted market. Why does this happen?  Well, because what is relevant globally may not be for your specific target audience.

Companies must be able to adapt and make necessary adjustments to brand marketing on a smaller and more focused scale if they want to continue to appeal to their targeted market culture. This means consistently being able to define who your target audience is, what moves and shakes them, staying connected to their pulse at all times, as well as knowing how their consumer habits and needs change over time.

Marketing firms like Convergent1 of Houston, encourage businesses to keep brand marketing relevant by helping them better understand what customers want and need, adapt and change with the changes, and then develop relevant strategies to meet those needs.

Keep Messaging Direct & Outstanding

Customers today are constantly inundated with advertising messages and competitive brand marketing that overwhelms, and soon becomes overshadowed by the next big trend. This is why using traditional approaches to establish your brand identity has quickly become a bad idea. Though many companies tout the same products, what really makes a difference is messaging that is relevant to time and space, that stands out and grabs attention, and then speaks directly to the customers’ needs and sentiments.

Simple tips for creating direct and outstanding messaging include:

    1. Creatively Cut to the Chase – Let the customer know WHY they need your product or service, HOW you will meet their needs, and WHAT uniquely differentiates your company from the others.
    2. Sell the Benefits, Not the Facts – Most consumers today make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. Facts don’t always sell, but benefits do. Let customers know how your products or services can make their lives better. Once they are made aware of this, THEN you can discuss facts with those who want more detailed information.
    3.   Seduce, Simplify & Streamline – Integrate all brand marketing into a single strategy. Convergent1 suggests companies consider developing a brand messaging strategy that’s consistent across all types of media. That means logos, signage, websites, and all other advertising must present a clear, concise message to targeted demographic groups.

At Convergent1, we take the time to work with each client to develop solid brand marketing messaging that delivers results. To see if we can help develop relevant marketing strategies for your Houston business, let’s talk! Call us at 713-690-0707.

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