2018 Best Online Marketing Practices

online marketing practices

Technology changes by the day, and digital online marketing strategies must change along with it. These changes create enormous challenges for marketers who have to keep up with these trends and find ways to incorporate them into an overall marketing plan. The following is a look at some of the year’s best practices for internet marketing, as well as some tips on putting them to use with help from Houston’s Convergent1.

Creating Content to Meet Various Needs

There’s no denying that content has played a crucial role in online marketing. The world’s demand for content is ever-growing, and it’s important for brands to develop content strategies that align with their overall goals. However, focusing on the creation of content doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for quantity; rather, it means prioritizing relevant, engaging content. While written content is here to stay, the rise of videos and images has given brands other ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and communicate creatively. Content is still the king, as long as it is used in the proper context.

Using Video Ads

The advent of video is a major trend not only in content marketing, but in advertising in general. Video advertisements are usually more effective than other ad types because of a higher level of audience engagement. Videographers can create a compelling ad that increases brand awareness and encourages customers to form positive associations with a product. The video trend is likely to grow further as social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook build business models around video advertising.

Automated Marketing

Marketing automation facilitates online strategies by offering a relevant and improved user experience. With it, marketers can automate tasks by using triggered events occurring at certain times. With proper application, marketers can make social media and email marketing channels exponentially more effective; perhaps that’s why almost 60% of B2B companies use automated marketing strategies. The ideal marketing automation tool is customizable to a brand’s needs, from customer interaction to the exploration of new prospects. Houston’s Convergent1 fully understands the importance of this best practice, learn more about C1’s automated marketing.

Using Data to Drive Marketing Efforts

The use of data and marketing automation can bring significant benefits to an online marketing strategy. Brands are realizing the opportunities they have to gain insight into customers’ needs, and they’re using the information to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Personalization is critical in data-driven marketing, as it makes potential and current customers feel valued. It’s wise for companies to use this data in ways that make them more useful to their audiences.

Mobile SEO

Search engine optimization has been greatly affected by the increase in mobile device usage, and marketers should keep this in mind when creating organic search strategies. A strong search presence is crucial for brands to build product awareness and to be there when customers are in the research phase. To reach customers where they are in the buyer journey, it’s important to understand how the search engines interpret users’ queries. Informative, relevant content is still very important, but marketers should also think about how optimization, speed, and a better mobile experience can affect their search traffic.

Connect with Convergent1

To take these best practices on board, marketers must consider the changes taking place in their industry. Before updating a company’s digital marketing strategy, marketers should review their existing goals and decide on the most effective ways to reach them. Convergent1 can help.

When it comes to applying the best online marketing practices for your Houston business, look no further than Convergent1 Smart Marketing. For more information, freely browse our services now, or call us at 713-690-0707 for immediate assistance.

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