4 Reasons to Invest in Responsive Web Design Now

Responsive Web Design

We’ve previously discussed the future of SEO and Google, as well as 5 Essential Marketing Stats, and want to share in another of the most important aspects of your site: responsive web design. This is what allows your site to be found and enjoyed on every device from a Mac with a huge monitor to a tiny Android phone. And if you don’t have time to watch the latest Google Webmaster video, read these 4 benefits.

1. One Size Does Fit All

With many people accessing the web through many different devices, it makes little common or fiscal sense to have two websites designed: one for mobile devices and one for desktops/laptops. Having two sites can confuse your visitors, as well as throw off the bookmarks they’ve placed across their devices. Responsive web design allows a single site’s content to grow or shrink depending on the screen size, all from one site.

2. Maximize SEO

With the bulk of internet searches shifting to mobile devices, having a responsive site means that your SEO campaign can continue to operate uninterrupted without the need to do research and data analysis on two sites. In addition, responsive web design keeps your current URLs, pages, and blog posts intact, eliminating the need to transfer information between sites.

3. Where Google Leads, Businesses Must Follow

The devices used to search the web may be changing, but the search engine they are using remains Google. The company has gone so far as to recommend responsive web design as a best practice, since it is much easier for their search engine to find a site that has only one URL no matter what device is accessing it. The search giant is also now factoring in the ease of user experience as one of their criteria for being listed first, and sites that do not respond are sure to be left behind.

4. Best Foot Forward

Much like Twitter forces users to compress their insights into 140 characters, responsive web design forces users to cut extraneous content and keep what will engage visitors. This includes rethinking and resizing images, optimizing content, and reformatting pages, as well as including easy social media links, such as the Facebook Like and Twitter Follow.

And if you need a Houston marketing firm to help navigate the world of responsive web design, give us a call or fill out our form.

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